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1 week into website

I've been working on this website design for about a week now and I still don't really know what I'm doing. When we studied all this stuff we visited tons of websites trying to compile all the information needed to pass whatever test we signed up for. I'm trying to remember what I liked and disliked about those sites while simultaneously trying to articulate all the breast information I've loaded into my brain and put it on to this site for you to enjoy.

Hopefully in the next few days Sheila will write about herself so we can get her bio up and we can start tackling those big topics like imaging and pathology, oof.

Please remember anything on this site is not medical advise, we might rant and sometimes even share our perspectives, but we're not doctors - nor do we want to be doctors.

In other news my electronic drawing tablet has shipped and I am sooooooo hopeful that it will be here this weekend so I can start drawing and sharing some very lovely breast drawings with you all. It will be another thing that I need to figure out how to use.

I hope you are well (mom and dad - you're the only ones who might actually be checking on what I'm doing in these early stages - hah!). For now, I'm off to bed, it's late for this old lady and we have a busy day at work tomorrow....

light and love - sara

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