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About Us

Shining Light on Holistic Breast Health

Breasts nurture, excite, evoke all sorts of feels but we don't really talk about their health until faced with a potentially bad diagnosis. Breast health education needs to begin before we're at that point - we all have breasts, chests, boobs - whatever you want to call 'em! BOSOMii intends to become a great nonprofit public charity notable for its comprehensive online breast health resources while still maintaining a physical presence in the CT Valley Region. Learn about our mission, vision and values here.

Our Story

 #LightTheValleyCT was conceived September 25, 2020 as a social media (COVID-safe) fundraising movement to spread awareness about breast cancer and honor survivors. 

BOSOMii was an extension of the #LightTheValleyCT initiative, born in March, 2021 with the intent to expand awareness about holistic breast health, body positivity, prevention of breast disease through early detection, and increasing survivorship.

BOSOMii is an avenue to discuss more than just breast disease, cancers or pathology. The exploration embraces health perspectives or healing paradigms that are not completely in line with the allopathic care model which has become standard practice here in the west. BOSOMii is also a natural extension of the passion its founders bring to the role of breast navigators.

The primary role of a healthcare patient navigator is to eliminate barriers to care. Education is extraordinarily important so that individuals can make appropriate choices about their own unique healing journey. We believe in empowerment through knowledge - so learn everything you can, teach us a thing or two also, please!

One day we hope to help disrupt the current paradigm of how medicine is practiced, cultivating an appreciation of more integrative practices in patient care models. We also yearn for the day that all insurance companies will support screening breast ultrasounds, MRIs and genetic testing to aid in the early detection of breast diseases and prevent breast cancer. Health equity is a hot topic too - the field is getting there and we're trying to help.

Meet The Board

Our Advisors

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