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Our Affiliates

So many of us are united to raise awareness for breast cancer, promote body positivity and enhance public education about holistic health and wellness. We have formed alliances as well as made friendships though our endeavours to compile information and raise consciousness to breast specific health and wellness. BOSOMii is very proud to share our partners and affiliates with you, hope that you love them as much as we do!


Great local business run by two amazing women. Allie and Jacque have been our partners in promoting breast care and positive body image since our beginning and their first ever brick and mortar storefront in Oxford, CT. 


We love their store and are confident that you will also. Please pay them a visit in the Quarry Walk Plaza and let these girls take care of your girls. 

Happy Breast Balm

Yes please! From down under we have found a great all natural product for you to incorporate into your self care ritual. Click their logo to explore or purchase.

Sue's personal healing journey is amazing to read about. We are inspired by her breast cancer survivor story. 



Jacqulyn Potter is a concierge lactation consultant based in New Jersey with a wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding and lactation. 


She will travel to you within a certain radius but is available for virtual assistance and support.

Breastfeeding is tough and she gets it.

Reclaiming Intimacy

Reclaiming Intimacy is unique cancer advocacy organization that provides caretakers, patients, advocates, and medical community with educational resources, products, and tools to improve sexual health and intimacy through illness.


Reclaiming Intimacy attempts to break social taboos and normalize conversations addressing illness created sexual dysfunction during and after cancer care.

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