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Brave at Heart

Great group of women with tons knowledge and love to share.

Meetings are monthly at the Harold Leever Cancer Center or via Zoom.

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Circle of Friends

Griffin Hospital's own support group, run by the cancer center nurse navigator.

Meetings are once monthly at the Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital.

OncoPlastic Reconstruction

Find a local surgeon to get you those new breasts you were hoping for when you were a teenager!


Bras and Prosthetics

Find what you need to look and feel good. Also - you get to shop local and that's always a plus!

New Bra


Don't worry - the needles are tiny and can help with a variety of ailments. Check out Chinese Medicine page to learn more and see if this therapy would be appropriate or helpful for you.


Energy Workers

Sometimes you need a little help from the universe and light workers, reiki, IYS, shamanism - we know people, let's help you get in touch with them.


Being heard is important. Getting a nonbiased perspective on what's happening in life can add profound clarity to decision making, especially when it comes to healthcare decisions as they are often overwhelming.

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Most healthcare facilities have access to grants or can assist you in applying for aid. At times this financial assistance can be retroactive. If you are uninsured, under-insured or simply can't afford the care you need we recommend checking in first with with the billing department or social worker to see if they know of opportunities to offset the cost of medical expenses. 


Be your own advocate, squeaky wheel often works! Good luck. 

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