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Our aim is to provide a basic overview of many of the complimentary modalities for breast health and wellness. We are not recommending that you forego the traditional treatments as recommended by your doctors, but would offer this information for you to integrate as you see appropriate for you on your unique journey. 

To further explore these modalities we recommend that you seek out a trained professional.

Please disclose any supplements and medications you are taking to your healthcare team members so that they can ensure the best possible care for you. 

Holistic Breast

Complimentary & 


Medicine (C.A.M.)

Image by Tamanna Rumee


Ayurvedic Medicine from India

Overview of Doshas, Chakras, Yoga and other Vedic medical practices and insight.

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


Basic overview of Energy Modalities

Providing an overview of many energic modalities.

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Homemade Remedies


Naturopathy and similar

Natural medicines, herbs, nutrition, supplements, hydrotherapy and other such interesting topics that you may want to discuss with your naturopathic doctor.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional/Classical Chinese Perspective

Provides insight into principles of Chinese medicine as well as information about breast health from this perspective.

Acupuncture old book


Overview, History and Practice

Information from Chinese Medicine about the energy channels running through our bodies and how to find a practitioner. 

Image by Alex Eckermann


Spiritual care, connection and belief

We're never going to impose beliefs on your, but we will talk about a bit about epigenetics and the power of our beliefs on the physical body.

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Image by Jan Antonin Kolar


Homeopathic medicine overview

Providing a brief history of this modality of healing, common constitutional types and very general breast remedies. 

Image by Camille Brodard


Flower Essences

An explanation of this modality and the importance of water's molecular memory, how this can help you and your body. 

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Additional sources of information for you!

A list of resources for more information on C.A.M. theories, practices and how to find local practitioners to help with whatever you need. 

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