Light The Valley CT has been our fundraising platform dedicated to illuminating topics that concern breast related health issues. 

Every October we "shine some light" on breast cancer awareness, but we're more than that - because breasts are more than just the cause for concern about breast cancer.

We'd love to enlighten you about healthcare bias in breast centers and how we can reduce it for patients of color and varying gender/gender identities.

We intend to illuminate misconceptions about breast/chest feeding so that we have healthy babes and healthy parents. 

Our perspective is that breast heath needs to be talked about, amongst friends, family, in the medical office and in the schools - we want to spark those conversations and interest with glimmers of humor slid in. 

We began as Light The Valley CT, but we know this movement needs to be bigger than the Connecticut Valley so help us shine to where ever you might be. Looking forward to dazzling other communities with the same zeal that we have about breast health. 

Thanks for checkin' us out! 

♥ Sara and Sheila

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Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering or becoming a patron or ambassador for our awareness activities. Contact us directly at Hello@BOSOMii.com, for more information click here.

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