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Stylish, charming, and smart breast+mammary plushie for anyone who loves boobs! Includes a tiny breast self-exam! Our breast is back! Introducing our new Breast + Mammary plush!


Great gift for your fiercest breast cancer survivor, a breastfeeding mom or baby, or fun-loving lactation consultant. When your boobs get squashed during a mammogram, you might need something comforting to squeeze, too. It’s the breast of both worlds! Your breasts contain fat, muscle, nipples, and mammary glands, which look like a bunch of grapes and can produce milk to feed babies. Mammary glands are what give mammals their name. Both women and men have mammary glands. The hormone estrogen promotes breast development, while testosterone inhibits breasts.


Measures a highly unrealistic 7" x 9" x 6". Wonderfully weird breastfeeding pillow, mastectomy gift or breast pump plushie pal.


Designed in California, made in China. Safe for ages 3 and up. 

Mammary Plush

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