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Flower Essences

Dr. Edward Bach developed these remedies in the 1930s. He was a physician and homeopath who believed that the secret to optimal health was caring for both mind and body and finding balance. 

The original 38 remedies (below) fit into seven emotional groups (indicated by the background color) were derived from different wild plants and correspond to the emotions. The Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, England is his legacy and still widely used today.

There are other varieties of remedies, local versions, wildcrafted batches, etc. For simplicity sake we're only outlining Bach's.


To use flower essences simply place a few drops under the tongue or dilute in water and sip all day.

Learn more about Bach and the original essences:

Flowers and Bottles

Face your


Find hope and joy

Know your own mind

Live and let live

Live this day

Reach out to others

Stand your ground


Speak your truth and communicate clearly and openly. 

Do you bottle up your feelings, hiding away behind a false smile? That's not healthy - a few drops of Agrimony may be just what you need to articulate what you need and deal with your feelings. 


Express yourself without fear. Be assertive and honest with your feelings and thoughts. 

This is a great remedy for allowing you to say "no," when necessary. Prevent moments of vulnerability and stick to your guns about your perspective!

Chestnut Bud

If you don't learn from your mistakes you will be destined to repeat them. 

This remedy helps you gain insight about past blunders and hopefully allows you to learn and grow beyond your mistakes.



Crabby about your body image? We're not perfect but you should embrace your most imperfect you. 

This remedy helps you to embrace and accept yourself. You're beautiful!



Hope is a powerful remedy and Gorse helps to cultivate it. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and this remedy can help brighten your outlook despite mental, emotional and physical problems.


Do you wax nostalgic at every opportunity? 

Please join us in the now. We are shaped by our past, but do not need to relive it. Reflect on it and learn from it when appropriate, but don't get stuck dwelling on things you can't change now.


Boost your self esteem with Larch. 

Helping to combat general nervousness and that little voice inside your head telling you that you can't do it or that you aren't enough. 

Find your confidence. You are enough.


The struggle is real but nevertheless you must trudge onward. Oak encourages perseverance within reason. 

It will help you remain strong and be aware of your own limitations, be mindful on when you need rest. 



For when you are terrified and panic stricken.

Rock rose encourages your will to be strong and is particularly useful in emergency situations. 

Replace fright with calm.


Indicated for indecisiveness. If you are feeling moody and uncertain this remedy can be helpful for making decisions and focusing the mind. 

Helping you to help yourself and choosing the best possibility.


Are you super enthusiastic and always right? Ready to force feed your point of view to others? 

Please take some Vervain sow e can be friends. Keep your enthusiasm without imposing your persepective on others.



Tranquility and peace of mind can be yours. In a turbulent and hectic world where you mind races a mile a minute and you feel as if you are spiraling... reclaim your peace with the help of this remedy. 

It will help you cope with the external crazy.


Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Be flowy like the willow tree, forgive yourself and the past and move on.

You have a lot of life to live, take back  your power and control your destiny. 


Assists with unknown fear and anxiousness.

Helping to maintain a state of inner peace.

If unsettled feelings are leaving you edgy a few drops will help you keep your confidence.



Trust the wisdom within - you hold the answers and are wiser than you know.

When you doubt yourself and need to be more decisive Cerato can help your self assurance. 

You know what to do.


Chicory encourages unconditional love - caring for others without the expectation of getting anything back in return.

If you have manipulative tendencies this remedy can help keep them in check so you are a more loving version of yourself.


If you have taken on the world and are feeling overwhelmed Elm can help encourage efficiency while keeping perspective. 

This remedy is great for those hectic days when poking pencils in your eyes seems like a fair alternative to what you've taken on.


Communication and empathy are enhanced with this remedy. It encourages you to find your voice and listen to others, providing genuine connection and communication. 

Great for when your ego takes control and you need to reclaim that power.


If you have a case of the Mondays and are inclined to procrastinate Hornbeam can help you face your to-do list head on so that there is less for your to worry about on your Tuesdays or the rest of the week, 

Get on with it.


Feeling fearful?

Mimulus encourages that potential in you to help face your fears so that you can enjoy life without being afraid. 


Fatigued and tired? Olive is meant to revitalize and restore your strength and mental energy. 

Especially useful after you have made a great effort and used your reserves of inner strength. 

Red Chestnut

Worried about someone you care for?

This remedy helps maintain a peaceful state of mind by reducing anxiety and fear surrounding situations and individuals outside of your control.

Star of


WTF just happened? 

In times of grief this remedy helps to neutralize feelings of shock and trauma after a life-altering experience. 

Sooth your sorrows and yourself.


A great remedy for your boss. Allows leadership without intimidation or domination. 

Helping leaders stay determined without putting on the dominatrix costume or crackin' heads.




For clarity at a crossroads.

Making those life altering decisions is a challenge no matter what else is going on in life. When you are faced with a decision of great import this remedy will help you sort your feels and choose your path.



For those aloof introverted members of the anti-social club. Water violet is meant to encourage connections with others so that you can develop meaningful relationships and find your tribe. 


If you tend toward hypercriticism, Beech can help my making you feel more tolerant. 


Release some of your own rigidity to help cultivate compassion and strengthen  your relationships with others.


Cherry Plum

For when you loose control and your temper gets the best of you.

Assists in finding clarity and rational thinking. Helping you to stay cool since 1936.



Daydreamer - this one is for you. 

Clematis encourages concentration and focus so your monkey mind doesn't take over in your day to day life when there are deadlines and stuff to get done. 

Save your dreams for your rest time. 


There are always obstacles in our path. Whether they manifest as small setbacks or insurmountable feelings of pessimism  you still must muster your conviction.

Gentian can help put everything in perspective and get you through.


If the green-eyed monster gets it's claws in you and you are jealous or angry or judgmental, Holly can help.

Assuage those unhappy sentiments  and allow yourself to be more accepting and less judgey.



Haste makes waste. We all become irritable but when we make decisions when we are impatient or irritable we may later have regrets. 

Impatiens allows the used to tap into their reserve of patience and helps to promote critical thinking when you need to act methodically.


Mustard for joy!

Ketchup and mayo have got nothing on this one - kidding... we're not talking about condiments.

When your feeling down a few drops of this remedy may bring you back up to a place of joy and happiness.


It isn't all your fault even though you might feel that way. If you have guilt weighing heavily on your mind a few drops of Pine might be what you need to hold yourself to the same standards as you hold others.

Be gentle with yourself.



Be open and flexible to new thoughts, ideas and ways of thinking.

Rock water moves through the creeks and babbling brooks always flowing towards it final destination. If you need to be more fluid in your life this remedy can help to reduce rigidity.



Increase optimism with Sweet Chestnut.

If you are feeling hopeless this remedy will assist in clearing your mind of feelings of despair so that you can regain some peace of mind and control. 


Few things in life are more certain than change. Although change sometimes really feels like it sucks!

Walnut can help by giving you a sense of strength and willingness to adapt to any situation. 

We can't control everything - accept change.



Ignite your passions and enthusiasm for life, work, others, etc.

Be wild and rosy by leaving apathy behind and making some worthwhile changes in your life - go boldly and with zest!

Rescue Remedy

Blended from 5 essences to help you overcome times of challenge. 

 1. Rock Rose

2. Impatiens

3. Clematis

4. Star of Bethlehem

5. Cherry Plum

If you only have one - choose this one.

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