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R.T.(R)(M)(BD) CN-BI

Sheila Borino


The story that always comes to mind when I think about my profession takes place at St. Vincent’s College back in 2010. I was mid way through my radiology degree. One of my professors stopped, looked at me and said–“Sheila, you would be good at mammography” I was shocked because I had never even considered it before. When I got my first radiology job, they offered mammography training. And that’s where it all started… and when I met Sara.

Sara and I were studying mammography at the same time. Nothing solidifies a friendship like going through the stress of test prep together. And we’ve been through it a few times over as proven by the line of letters trailing our last names. Her husband and son have gotten used to our antics and projects and my continued presence in their house. Sometimes, my sister Kiki also joins the party and is frequently involved in our events. We're all family at this point!

When not at work, I dedicate my time to my daughter, training my rescue dog Remy, and spending time with my husband, Tom, our friends and family. I'm drawn to the outdoors and enjoy hiking, biking, boating or even just lying on the beach. I love to travel (especially to Europe) and I had the goal of filling every page of my passport with a stamp. That didn’t happen due to COVID. 

When I reflect on my career this far, I am grateful for the circumstances in my life that led me down this path. I am proud to be able to serve the community in which I grew up in. 

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