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6mm Rose Quartz and Sandalwood Mala with burnt sienna and pink tassel.


Handmade, 108 beads, knotted between each bead.


Rose quartz is widely known as a love stone, used to open the heart promoting unconditional love. Used to support emotional healing with its gentle and compassionate vibration.


Sandalwood is a fragrant heartwood associated with security and stability; connected to the root chakra it is often used to keep a grounded connection during meditative processes.

Rose Quartz and Sandalwood Mala

  • Returns are not offered at this time as all proceeds are being donated. Please let us know if there is a defect with your product and we will do what we can to make it right.

  • All Malas/prayer beads come blessed and cleared of negative energy, please provide us some direction of the blessing you desire if you have a specific intention for contemplative practice.

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