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8mm Rose Quartz and Red Jasper Mala with Rudraksha Seed Guru bead and pink tassel.


Handmade, 108 beads strung on stretchy cord.


Rose quartz is widely known as a love stone, used to open the heart promoting unconditional love. Used to support emotional healing with its gentle and compassionate vibration.


Red Jasper has been utilized for centuries throughout the world. Native Americans believed it was the connection and blood of Mother Earth; Ancient Egyptians considered it to be a powerful aid for fertility and conception; other traditions used it for protection. It is a connection, comfort stone that channels inner strength, and fosters a connection to Mother Earth and others.


The Rudraksha seed has been used in prayer beads by Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus for centuries. The seed protects it’s wearer from negativity and elevates consciousness, amplifying love, bliss and gratitude.


This bead is 5-faced  or 5 Mukhi  which helps to control impulses of anger, greed, lust and ego. It is also believed that those who wear the 5-faced Rudraksha are spared from untimely death and cultivate a prosperous life.

Rose Quartz and Red Jasper Mala

  • Returns are not offered at this time as all proceeds are being donated. Please let us know if there is a defect with your product and we will do what we can to make it right.

  • All Malas/prayer beads come blessed and cleared of negative energy, please provide us some direction of the blessing you desire if you have a specific intention for contemplative practice.

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