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6mm Lava Stone and Rainbow Semiprecious Stone Mala with rainbow tassel.


Handmade, 108 beads, knotted between each bead, some brass accent beads.


This is a gorgeous mala, strung on red thread.


Lava Stone strengthens your connection to the earth and allows us to channel strength and courage especially in times of change. This stone is also very useful in helping to process anger.


Due to its porous nature, it this stone loves to receive some essential oils. Please use caution when applying essential oils on anything that will come in direct contact with your skin. The use of carrier oils is always encouraged.


Carnelian stones symbolize vitality, endurance and are associated with creativity.


Aventurine is an optimistic stone providing qualities of strength and courage, helping its wearer to release negative patterns and habits so that they can confidently move forward to a better life.


Blue aquamarine is associated with the sea and is considered a spiritual and cleansing stone. It has been associated with letting go of negative thoughts and feelings.


Lazurite assists with mental focus and inner vision – relates to the 3rd eye or ajna chakra.


Amethyst symbolizes peace, cleansing and calm energy. Has been associated with the characteristic of grace and connection to spiritual elements.

Lava Stone and Rainbow Semiprecious Stone Mala

  • Returns are not offered at this time as all proceeds are being donated. Please let us know if there is a defect with your product and we will do what we can to make it right.

  • All Malas/prayer beads come blessed and cleared of negative energy, please provide us some direction of the blessing you desire if you have a specific intention for contemplative practice.

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