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Pride Month and Breast Health

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Until very recently sexual disparities in patients needing breast imaging was hardly considered. Unfortunately as more studies are being conducted there is increased awareness that individuals belonging to the non-binary community are not opting for screenings they may need or feel inauthentic presenting for breast imaging studies based on their gender expression.

While going for a mammogram for individuals identifying as she/her who were assigned female (XX) at birth may feel appropriate, many other individuals who had the same birth assignment might forego a life saving screening.

There is extremely limited data on breast cancer rates for transgender men getting mammograms or breast cancer diagnoses. Taking testosterone or even having top surgery to remove breast tissue does not negate the risk of developing breast pathology. Either way, males (XY) can get breast cancer or have atypical breast pathologies.

So please if something doesn't feel right in your body - it probably isn't. You are the only expert of you, get checked out because the world is better with a cancer-free you in it!

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