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digital breast illustration

the tablet came! it is larger than i had expected. there is a substantial difference between the feel of using this as a mouse to digitally draw and paper with pencil. it will take a lot of getting used to. therefore drawings are not so refined (i've also had a glass of wine so my hand isn't super steady) but hopefully they get the point across.

the image below that was created just a bit ago about breast anatomy and the development of cancers within the duct.

the pathology pages are still under construction - so is sheila's biography... tisk tisk... - but if you are reading this and curious, here is a teaser of info about breast cancer:

normal ducts are lined with normal cells. sometimes there can be an overgrowth of cells with in the duct and it can be normal, when hyperplasia is "atypical" it is thought to be a risk for developing into a breast cancer.

if it progresses into cancer we hope that you catch it when it is confined within the duct. DCIS or ductal carcinoma in situ is still inside the ductal structure. some would even argue that this isn't actually cancer yet, so screenings are beneficial. sometimes on mammography we see calcifications, sometimes a small shadowy area on ultrasound. prognosis with DCIS is spectacular, that's good news!

invasive or infiltrating breast cancer occurs when the cancerous cells invade surrounding tissues. they are no longer confined within the ductal or lobular structures of the breast. determining the extent of the invasion is what is the key in staging. we hope that it has not invaded the lymphatic system as metastatic breast cancer is no joke.

anyway, there is the pathology lecture for the day... enjoy the doodle - hoping that you learned something from it. i am still learning how to use this tablet so with any kind of luck they images will improve and so will the information compiled on this site.

cheers - it's friday! have a lovely weekend.


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