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Destination: Bradrona, New Zealand

In the late 1990s, sometime during the winter holidays, several bras showed up attached to the fence in Cardrona, New Zealand. Since then thousand more bras have joined them there on the fence.

The origins of the original bras are still a mystery. The town tried to clean up the bras a few times but more bras came. Eventually the steady increase in the bra population on the fence became a tourist attraction, there was concern that it was becoming a traffic hazard and eventually it was relocated and rebranded Bradrona.

The quirky bra fence attracts individuals from all over the world; it has raised more an enormous amount of donated funds from those who make the pilgrimage to see it. Funds have been dedicated to breast cancer awareness and finding a cure for breast cancer.

Admission to Bradrona is free; you can visit, add your bra to the collection and drop off your donation in a secure lock box. If you have a pre-loved bra that is eager to travel and become part of the installation please send it to Kelly Spaans at 2125 Cardrona Valley Road, RD1, Wanaka 9381.

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