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I began working in the medical field at a dental office. Through working there I cultivated a language of caring in my patient interactions, making it a priority to connect with people and make their days a little brighter.

As I continued working in the medical field I always looked forward to sharing stories with patients and those encountered at work. 

Years later, I began working at a breast center. It felt like a different world with a different set of patients. The stories changed and the element of fear was ever present. This is where I learned to be a calming presence for people while still trying to uplift them. In this role I was introduced to the concept of breast navigation and worked on the navigation team with Sheila and Sara. 

After my own father's battle with cancer I became even more sympathetic and understanding about the fear associated with cancer screenings. Despite loosing my loving dad to cancer I've always tried to remain present for my patients, to listen and laugh with them.

Through my professional and personal experience I've learned how important cancer prevention is and champion the idea that knowledge can help reduce fear and anxiety.


While no longer work at the same breast center as Sheila and Sara they asked me to join this team. So here I am... even more involved in the breast world to promote, support and hopefully make breast health less scary for all of us. 

Image by Simon Berger

Melisa Santos

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